Who is standing for election in my area and what constituency am I in?


THE 2019 general election is underway and voters have just hours to decide which candidate they will vote for in their constituency.

So who is standing is your area? Here’s the lowdown on who you can vote for this election day.

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What constituency am I in?

If you don’t already know what constituency you live in, you can find out on the UK Parliament website by entering your postcode.

There are 650 constituencies in the UK – 533 in England, 59 in Scotland, 18 in Northern Ireland and 40 in Wales.

Official election information for your area can be found at the Electoral Commission website.

This is where you can find your nearest polling station and register to vote (the deadline was November 26 so if you haven’t done so already you’re too late).

Who’s standing for election in my area?

The Electoral Commission website tells you which council ward you live in and provides a list of all the people standing for election and which party they represent.

We have also compiled our own list for readers of every Conservative, Labour, and Lib Dem candidate standing and where.

Additional information about candidates in each constituency can be found online on the independent website Who Can I Vote For?.

You can check which constituency you’re in on the official government website.

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How do I find my nearest polling station?

If you are registered to vote you should have received a polling card in the post.

The card tells you the address ofyour nearest polling station, usually with a map.

You cannot vote at a different polling station so check in case your nearest has moved since the last election.

If you have lost your polling card, don’t worry – you can still vote without it.

Your local council will be able to tell you where to go to cast your ballot.