Who should I vote for in the 2019 general election? Take our quiz


BRITAIN has gone to the polls in the 2019 UK general election. But the big question on everyone’s lips is – who should I vote for?

All the parties are out fighting hard for every vote on the doorstep, and hitting the airwaves to woo the undecided.

Boris Johnson is fighting to win seats off Labour to get a majority back

The Conservatives are still ahead in the election polls, and are expected to win according to the bookies.

But Labour has been able to creep up a few points since the campaign started, and they’ve won over some with their radical plans to spend billions of pounds more.

Boris is trying desperately to get a majority for the Conservatives so he can get Brexit done and focus on the NHS, police and tackling crime.

But Jeremy Corbyn wants another referendum and is trying to focus on domestic policies.

The Lib Dems want to stop Brexit altogether, and the Greens are focused on saving the planet.

The Brexit Party are – you guessed it – all about delivering the result of the referendum to Britain and ending all ties with the EU.

We’ve read the manifestos so you don’t have to – take our quiz to find out which political party you’re most aligned with.