Why do the Lib Dems want an election on 9th December


IT IS becoming more and more likely that Britain will be heading to the polls for the second time in December.

Boris Johnson wants the election to be held on December 12, the Liberal Democrats want it to be held on December 9 – and we explain why.

Leader of Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson has said she supports a general election being held on December 9

Why do the Liberal Democrats an earlier date?

The Lib Dems and the SNP joined forces to support holding an election on December 9 in the event the Euorpean Union approves a Brexit extension.

On October 28, the EU granted the UK’s request for a “flextension” until January 31, 2020 – but Britain can pass the deal anytime before that.

This has now satisfied the Lib Dems because it effectively takes Mr Johnson’s policy promise of leaving on Halloween with or with out a deal off the table.

The Lib Dems and SNP want an election on December 9 to ensure the government has no time to bring Mr Johnson’s Brexit Deal back to Commons for another vote.

Lib Dem MP Chuka Umunna has said: If you have the 12th, it presents an opportunity for the government to get their withdrawal agreement bill through.

The reason the 9th is preferable is because it would stop them from bringing forward their withdrawal bill and completing its passage through the Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party also supports an election date of December 9.

MPs will vote for a fourth time on whether not the UK will have an election
MPs will vote for a fourth time on whether not the UK will have an election

Where do the Conservative standing the Lib Dem date?

Mr Johnson was reportedly open to having the election on December 9, but his preferred date is three days later.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the Commons, said December 9 is not realistic because 25 days are needed between the dissolution of parliament and election day.

If the election was set for December 9, then Parliament would have to be dissolved on Friday, November 1 as the same as trying to securing royal assent for the election bill, and passing a Northern Irish budget bill – which would prove to be tricky.

When are MPs voting on having an election?

MPs are due to vote TONIGHT (Tuesday, October 29) after his third attempt to secure an early election was rejected.

A Commons debate on the latest bill begin at 1.30pm today and MPs are expecting to vote this evening.

Mr Johnson needs two-thirds of MPs in order for him to have his election.

If it passes then the UK will be heading to the polls – but the date is as yet unknown as politicians cannot agree.

The December election looks on the cards after Jeremy Corbyn did a U-turn to back Mr Johnson’s motion for an election.

Mr Corbyn made the spectacular reversal on October 29 after a crunch meeting with his shadow Cabinet on October 29.

He told his MPs that No Deal was now off the table as the EU have offered and accepted a third Brexit delay.

However, the party does not accept the government’s bill as it stands and will attempt to amend it move the election day to December 9.