Wine-lovers can help rid planet of plastic bottles with new tipple


WINE-LOVERS can enjoy a cheeky glass of red and rid the planet of plastic at the same time with a new bottle coming to UK supermarkets.

Aussie brand The Hidden Sea takes ten plastic bottles out of the ocean for every bottle of wine sold as part of their mission to rid the sea of polluting plastic.

Hidden Sea Founder Justin Moran backed HOAR’s ‘Show Some Bottle’ campaign

HOAR's Show Some Bottle campaign has won backing from the world's biggest eco groups

Co-founder Justin Moran hailed HOAR’s ‘Show Some Bottle’ campaign and backed our drive to get people recycling more bottles and rid our beauty spots of horrific plastic waste.

He vowed: “Plastic shouldn’t be in our waters or end up on beaches.

“Show Some Bottle is an awesome campaign.

“The WWF reports that the average plastic waste disposed by each human on earth is 55 kg per year – and 10 per cent of that ends up in our oceans.

“This not only kills marine life but poisons our bodies.

“Plastic breaks down over time and enters our bodies as a toxic chemical, via our food chain and even the water we drink.

“So next time you purchase a plastic water bottle, remember bottled water companies don’t produce water, they produce plastic bottles.”

Speaking to HOAR about his eco-mission, he admitted the huge challenge to tackle plastic waste was “scary” but stressed that everyone could make a huge difference.

The Hidden Sea, which is rolling out in Sainsburys and the Co-Op, partners up with Re Sea to take thousands of bottles out of the ocean.

And he told how he’s seen “disgusting” beaches around the world filled with plastic waste, which has spurred him on.

The firm’s green credentials have boosted their business – with sales up 1500 per cent in a year as people care even more about the planet.

His firm works with Re Sea to take ten bottles out of the ocean for every bottle of wine sold

Justin was shocked at the huge levels of plastic in the world’s oceans – including bottles

And a new rosé is coming on the market next month ready for the summer season, too.

He said: “By 2030 we want to have removed one billion plastic bottles from the ocean.

“It’s a way people can actively help the planet in a tangible way – we have a responsibility to do right.”

The Aussie brand is coming to the UK