Winston Churchill family tree – from grandchildren to Princess Diana


WINSTON Churchill may be one of the UK’s most iconic figureheads- but it’s hard to keep up with the ever expanding clan.

Despite the legend having passed away in 1965, his family has continued to expand. Here’s all you need to know about Winston Churchill’s family.

Winston Churchill’s famous VE Day speech features this year to mark 75 years of Victory in Europe

Who are Winston Churchill’s children?

Winston Churchill has quite a brood thanks to his 57 year marriage. 

His five children are: 

  • Diana Churchill (1909–1963) 

Diana Churchill was Winston Churchill’s first born child

Diana Churchill was the eldest daughter of Sir Winston Churchill. 

She married twice and divorced twice.

She had three children with her second husband.

Diana Spencer-Churchill died by suicide aged 54.

  • Randolph Churchill (1911–1968)

Randolph Churchill was Winston Churchill’s first and only son

Randolph was Winston Churchill’s second child and only son. 

Randolph was a journalist and later went on to be Conservative Member of Parliament. 

  • Sarah Churchill (1914–1982)

Sarah Churchill was Winston Churchill’s second daughter

Sarah Spencer-Churchill was an actress and an dancer. 

She was known for her flamboyant lifestyle which overshadowed her acting career.

After suffering from an undisclosed illness, Sarah Spencer-Churchill died in her London home aged 67.

Sarah married three times but never had children.

  • Marigold Churchill (1918–1921)

Marigold Churchill did not live beyond the age of three. She is pictured with her mother Clementine Churchill shortly after the First World War

Winston Churchill’s third daughter and fourth child, Marigold Churchill, was born shortly after the First World War, in November 1918. 

However, Marigold died of septicaemia seven weeks before her third birthday. 

  • Mary Churchill (1922–2014)

Mary Churchill was Winston Churchill’s youngest daughter

Mary Churchill was Winston’s youngest child. 

Yet she lived to be the oldest of his five children.

She lived to be 91 years old and had five children of her own with aristocrat husband Baron Christopher Soames. 

Who are Winston Churchill’s grandchildren?

Winston Churchill has ten grandchildren, despite the fact that only three of his five children had families of their own. 

  • Diana Churchill’s children – Julian Sandys, Celia Sandys and Edwina Sandys
  • Randolph Churchill’s children – Winston Churchill and Arabella Churchill
  • Mary Churchill’s children – Nicholas Soames, Emma Soames, Charlotte Clementine Soames, Rupert Soames, Jeremy Bernard Soames

Winston Churchill has become an international icon and his speech will feature in the VE Day celebrations

How is Winston Churchill related to Princess Diana?

Princess Diana was related to a lot of prominent people in history.

However, looking at the Spencer family tree, the Princess was also related to Winston Churchill.

The former Prime minister and the late princess were distant cousins and shared some relatives.

The two were allegedly related to a man named Charles Spencer (1675-1722), who was the third Earl of Sunderland and his wife, Lady Anne Spencer, whose maiden name was Churchill.

The couple were Winston Churchill’s great-great-great-great-great-grandparents and Princess Diana’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents.

Winston Churchill was a distant relative of Lady Diana Spencer

Who Did Winston Churchill marry?

Winston Churchill met his wife-to-be, Clementine Ogilvy Hozier, in 1904 at a ball in Crewe House.

In 1908, they met again at a dinner party hosted by Lady St Helier, who was a distant relative of Clementine’s.

Clementine Churchill was a huge support to Winston Churchill and his political career

After five months of meeting each other at social events, as well as frequent correspondence, Winston proposed to Clementine during a house party at Blenheim Place in August 1908.

The couple married on September, 12, 1908 and went on to have five children together.