Women can ‘quite clearly’ have a penis, says ‘out of touch’ Lib Dem leader Ed Davey

Sir Ed Davey takes part in a live phone-in on LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast show, at the Global Studios, London. Picture date: Tuesday May 23, 2023. PA Photo. Photo credit should read: Jeff Moore/PA Wire

WOMEN can “quite clearly” have a penis, the Lib Dems leader says.

Sir Ed Davey raised eyebrows by backing Labour counterpart Sir Keir Starmer’s stance.

Sir Ed Davey said it was possible for a woman to have male genitalia

Sir Ed said it was possible for a woman to have male genitalia as he called for more compassion for trans people.

Tories accused Labour and the Lib Dems of forming an “anti-women alliance”.

It also fuelled speculation about a pact if Sir Keir does not win a majority at the next general election.

But, like the Labour chief, Sir Ed, 57, insisted it was only a “small number” of people.

Grilled on the issue by a radio show listener he told LBC: “The vast majority of people whose biological sex is a woman when they were birthed — they feel they’re women.

“They feel they’re gendered the same as at birth but there is a very small number of people who don’t feel like that, and the law has recognised them for over 20 years now.”

He defended trans people who were discriminated against and suffered mental health distress from not knowing what gender they felt comfortable in.

But when pressed further on whether a woman could have a penis, Sir Ed said: “Quite clearly.”

Caller Mary, from Cambridge, who said she may vote Lib Dem, told him: “That’s just rubbish.”

Tories also piled in last night, with Brendan Clarke-Smith calling Lib Dems “out of touch”.

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