Bizarre Jubilee optical illusion makes the Queen magically appear in front of you – but does it work for you?


HER MAJESTY is marking her 70 years on the throne with four days of celebrations – starting with Trooping the Colour today.

Millions of people have come out to celebrate with The Queen – and there’s even been an optical illusion made for the special occasion.

This image can make it appear as if the Queen is right in front of you

Optical illusion creators at, have created a special illusion of the Queen.

The illusion shows a black and white negative image of the Queen’s face which the creators revealed will make it appear as if she is right in front of you.

But does it work for you?

The bizarre illusion works by getting you to stare at the image for a minute – without looking away.


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After, it asks you to look at a blank wall or plain sheet of paper and you should see the Queen herself floating beneath your eyelids.

The mind-bending optical illusion even changes to an actual photograph, not a negative black and white image once you’ve stared at it for long enough.

Give it a try and see if it works for you.

The creators explained how the optical illusions works.

They said: “Your brain transplants the negative image with positive light, in effect reversing the negative image.

“The Queen appears accurately, her pale face surrounded by her brown hair, string of pearls and a dark dress.”

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The queen attending the Trooping the Colour to make 70 years of service