Body Language Pro Reveals the Key Moment Prince Andrew ‘Lost Composure’ in ‘Car Crash’ Interview


Prince Andrew's Interview Breakdown

A body language expert has identified the crucial moment during Prince Andrew's 'car crash' Newsnight interview where he appeared to 'lose composure'. The Duke of York sat down in November 2019 to discuss his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted paedophile, with interviewer Emily Maitlis.

Shift in Body Language

Initially, Prince Andrew seemed confident and in control, using power signals to emphasize his royal status. However, the body language pro pointed out a clear shift in demeanor not even seven minutes into the interview. According to expert Judi James, it was at this point that Andrew realized the discussion was taking a serious turn.

Turning Point in the Interview

As the interview progressed, Emily Maitlis adopted a more forensic approach, leading to a significant change in Andrew's body language. His gestures, tone, and expressions shifted, indicating a moment of discomfort and vulnerability. Mention of specific events related to Epstein caused Andrew's demeanor to become cold and defensive.

New Netflix Film 'Scoop'

Following the infamous interview, a new Netflix film titled 'Scoop' has been released, depicting the behind-the-scenes of Prince Andrew's Newsnight appearance. Starring Rufus Sewell and Gillian Anderson, the movie is based on Sam McAllister's memoir, offering a dramatic portrayal of the royal's interview experience.

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