Eastenders fans convinced Keanu is mystery person calling Linda and its proof hes still alive


EASTENDERS fans reckon that Linda Carter’s mystery caller is none other than Keanu Taylor – meaning the lad is still alive.

The Queen Vic landlady is under heavy suspicion of being tangled up in his Christmas Day disappearance, with many believing she and Martin Fowler faked his death.

Linda was bombarded with phone calls during EastEnders last night

Last night’s EastEnders saw her phone ringing off the hook from a mystery number – 07796 236162.

if you call the number in real life, it goes through to an answering service, offering no clues to who is supposed to be at the other end.

However, some viewers reckon they have it cracked, insisting Keanu himself is trying to get in touch from his hideout.

One tweeted: “A bit of a plot twist: *Keanu might be the one that keeps calling Linda*…”

Viewers think they’ve figured out who was on the other end of the line

Many believe Keanu Taylor is alive – and making phone calls

Another triumphantly announced: “Linda passed out drunk in martins van, talked Martin out of killing Keanu, helped them fake the whole thing and Keanu is the one that keeps ringing her. Cracked. It.”

A third insisted: “I reckon Linda came to the rescue and its Keanu whos been ringing her .”

As the episode ended last night, Mick had grown so suspicious about who had been calling his wife that he confronted her.

Speaking about their anniversary plans, he asked her: “You’re sure there’s no one else you want to take? Who called you earlier?

Keanu was last seen being dragged through a window by Martin Fowler on Christmas Day
There is a video of Keanu being shot – by the gunman or woman isn’t shown

“You had a load of missed calls from the same number. Where was you at Christmas?”

The alcoholic landlady replied: “I told you, Julie’s.”

But Mick was prepared for that, answering: “Well I called her, and you weren’t. So where was you and where did you sleep?”

Panicked, she replied: “I’m not talking about this. I can’t remember. It’s just a blank.”

Mick Carter has started to unravel his alcoholic wife’s lies
He confronted Linda as she tried to go out boozing again

But Mick hit back, saying simply: “You’re lying to me” before she disappeared in hunt of booze at Karen Taylor’s New Year’s Eve party.

Earlier, Linda appeared to let slip that Keanu isn’t dead while trying to console a hysterical Sharon, who worried Phil had bumped him off.

In what some believed was a rare moment of honesty, she told her: “Listen to me – it hasn’t happened. It’s not your fault.”

More details are set to be revealed tonight, with the second half of the party airing on BBC One from 7.30pm.