EastEnders fans think Linda Carters alcoholism will cost the family the Queen Vic and Ollie will be taken into care


EASTENDERS fans reckon Linda Carter’s addiction to alcohol will be the reason she and her family lose everything, including four-year-old son Ollie.

The landlady has completely gone off the rails since she turned to booze and doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down.

Linda has failed to stop drinking despite it putting son Ollie in danger

Fans have been speculatingon what may happen to the mother-of-four if she does not seek help for problem.

Asking users what they would like to see happen with Linda, one fan said: “I personally think we should see the Carters losing the Queen Vic because of Linda not staying on top of the business. I’d also like to see Ollie taken into care to show just how bad things can get when someone is so dependent on alcohol”.

One Twitter user believes: “Linda is gonna get Ollie taken off her. Stupid stupid clueless bint. She wont be happy until Ollie is gone. If I were Mick, Id take the kid and leave. Live somewhere else and notify child services of that”.

Another fan commented: “Linda, The Social Worker Looks Horrified, You’re Not Going To Come Back From This. Ollie’s Going To Be Taken Away From You”.

Linda has so far refused help for her drink problem

Linda became addicted to alcohol around the time her son Ollie was diagnosed with autism.

The over-reliance on booze has seen her burst into fits of rage and turn on her loved ones in the process.

In recent weeks the troubled pub owner has thrown a glass at pal Chantelle, slap best mate Sharon and throw wine into the face of husband Mick, who got social services involved as he fears for Ollie’s safety.

The Queen Vic landlord perhaps felt compelled to go to such lengths after his wife passed out when she was alone with her son, who walked out onto the pub roof as a result.

Ollie was frightened by his mum’s addiction to alcohol

Fans believe social services will take Ollie away from Linda

That and embarrassing moments such as wetting herself on stage have not helped Linda to put the drink down.

Beset with paranoia, Linda telling social services all about the incident with Ollie going on the roof, thinking Mick had already told them, is sure to damage their case to keep hold of their little boy.

That along with the impending divorce from Mick, means Linda’s life is currently in tatters.

Can she bounce back from her slumber, or is she set to dig an even deeper hole for herself and loved ones?