‘Eco-warriors’ Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s carbon footprint could be 26 times that of the average Brit


THE carbon footprint of “eco-warriors” Prince Harry and Meghan could be 26 times higher than the average Brit.

The ex-royals were seen on Friday in Beverly Hills in a Cadillac Escalade, said to be among the most polluting cars on the planet.

Harry and Meghan generate 215 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year from flights against the UK average of 8.3 tons for one person, it’s been claimed

But that motor — along with heat and carbon emissions from the 24,500sq ft eight-bed LA mansion they are using — is only a fraction of their footprint, a study by former MP Norman Baker says.

They generate 215 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year from flights against the UK average of 8.3 tons for one person, it is claimed.

They racked up at least 53 international flights in the 12 months to the end of January 2020, says the Lib Dem politician.

Mr Baker insisted: “The only thing green about Prince Harry are his wellies.

“The self-appointed eco-warrior, who likes to lecture everybody else on climate change, is in the top one per cent of people on the planet for carbon emissions.

“He should cut the carbon and, if not, at least cut the crap.”

Harry spent £6,000 on a chopper trip to Birmingham in March last year, days before telling kids about climate change at Wembley.

The Prince, 35, told them: “Climate change is a humanitarian issue and one where we’ve been far too slow in waking up to and acting on the damaging impact our living is having on the world.”

He said to pranksters in March that “extreme” action was needed to tackle climate change when he thought he was talking to campaigner Greta Thunberg.

Meghan, 38, told the Girl Up Leadership Summit this week that young people must “be in charge” of the issue.

The pair sparked claims of hypocrisy last summer when seen boarding a £20,000 private jet to stay in Elton John’s French villa.

The true scale of their emissions is likely to be even higher when including short connecting flights and car trips.

Harry states he takes scheduled commercial flights “99 per cent of the time”.

But of the 53 flights analysed, 18 were in private jets, which can be between seven and 20 times worse for individual CO2 emissions than commercial flights.

He says he offsets emissions by giving cash for trees. But Mr Baker claims a typical tree absorbs 20kg of carbon a year, meaning he and Meghan would need to plant 10,745 trees a year.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were contacted for a comment.

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