Emmerdale spoilers: Jamie Tate turns on mum Kim after she splits him and Dawn Taylor up


JAMIE Tate turns on his scheming mum Kim after she split up him and Dawn Taylor next week in Emmerdale. 

The Queen of Home Farm spikes Dawn’s drink this week during a meeting with her social worker in an attempt to sabotage her.

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Jamie tells Mack he’s split from Dawn

Next week, Jamie will show some remorse over his treatment of Gabby. 

But when Mack learns about Jamie’s split with Dawn, he riles him up and tells him Kim always gets her own way. 

Later, when Kim gloats, Jamie is filled with hatred towards her. 

Jamie shows remorse for his treatment of Gabby

Will he rise up against Kim and Gabby?

Viewers know that Kim moved Gabby into Home Farm against Jamie’s wishes after discovering she was carrying his child. 

Taking some evil advice from Mack, Jamie tried to trick Gabby into aborting the baby by being nice to her. 

But Gabby overheard Jamie confessing his love to Dawn earlier this week and put two and two together.

Mack tells Jamie that Kim always gets her own way and turns him against her

Overwhelmed by the brutal betrayal, Gabby felt a sharp pain and collapsed to the ground as Jamie stood there doing nothing.

Claire King – who plays Kim in the ITV soap – recently told the Mirror: “She cannot stand Dawn, she hates everything she stands for, doesn’t like the fact that she’s basically a prostitute, [and] is untrustworthy.”

“She knows that Jamie likes Dawn, but like his other choices in women, she’s probably not the best one for her son.

“Andrea wasn’t completely au fait, Belle was a bit of a nightmare, and now Dawn is somebody that Kim will not entertain in her life.”

“[Gabby] has got to build up a trust, she’s got to play the game Kim’s way, she has got to be able to manipulate Gabby, but she sees a lot of potential in her, while Gabby is desperate to be accepted after her own mother Bernice abandoned her.”

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