European Super League billionaires will not be allowed to destroy our national sport


Roar of rage

THE howl of rage was deafening. And it has worked.

Grasping billionaires will not be allowed to destroy our national sport.

Football supporters hold placards as they demonstrate against the proposed European Super League outside Stamford Bridge football stadium in London

Fans — backed by a robust Tory ­Government, by Prince William, by every sane voice in the land — united in uproar, either abandoning the “big six” clubs they have supported all their lives or protesting outside their stadiums.

Slowly but surely managers and players, blindsided like everyone else at the weekend, began to rise up. This cold-blooded coup by a megarich cartel has been a direct attack on them too.

Even potential TV broadcasters of the “European Super League” turned their guns on it. We don’t blame them. Who, long-term, would pay to watch a league where nothing is at stake? Where the same founder members effectively play out stale friendlies again and again?

But the tycoons’ foolish misconception is a lesser point. For this has been a simple issue of right and wrong.

Avaricious men with no connection to, or feel for, the beautiful game must not steal it from the millions of ordinary people who make it what it is.

The clubs are listening. Chelsea, Man City, Barcelona and Atletico pulled the plug. Others were considering their options. Man United’s chief resigned.

The huge threat from Boris Johnson’s “legislative bomb” was bad enough. But even soulless owners driven solely by profit baulk if they sense their plan is a financial disaster.

As fans desert their clubs, buy no merchandise, cancel ­season tickets and end their TV ­subscriptions for the Prem, those greedy fools are finally realising what a shameful ­mistake they have made.

What a hornets’ nest they stirred up trying to line their pockets by tearing the heart out of Britain’s national game.

It must not happen. Not now. Not ever.

Cowed by Covid

THE good news keeps coming on Covid.

Less than 2,000 sufferers are in hospital, a colossal fall since January. More than ten million of us have had both jabs. The number of ethnic minority people having their shots is soaring.

Boris will not budge on his dates for unlocking

Britain is steaming ahead with antivirals too — pills taken at home to dramatically lower the threat from the disease.

And yet still Boris gravely warns of a third wave this year. Still he will not budge on his dates for unlocking.

How low do the figures have to get, PM?

Glorious day

TODAY our Queen marks the first birthday since her teens without Philip in her life.

She has lost the man she loved. She will never lose the love of her people

Our Queen marks the first birthday since her teens without Philip in her life

Inside your Sun is a pullout showing 95 magic moments from her remarkable life.

And though Her Majesty’s in mourning — and even if it seems trite to say it — we wish her as happy a birthday as possible.