Fans start petition to stop Charlotte Flair winning WWE titles after NXT triumph – but Triple H insists she deserves it


WWE fans have started an online petition to stop Charlotte Flair winning any more titles in a bid to bring an end to her dominant reign.

The Queen added another belt to her collection as she was crowned NXT Women’s Champion at the weekend.

Fans want Charlotte Flair’s reign as WWE champion to come to an end

Flair’s impressive victory over Rhea Ripley on her 34th birthday makes her a 12-time champion.

But Flair’s reign of dominance has become way too predictable for some fans.

An online petition has been made to stop the American superstar winning anymore titles.

The description of it reads: “Society has progressed past the need for another Charlotte reign.

“We are tired of Charlotte’s reigns. The four horsewomen in general, but we’re starting with Charlotte first.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the petition had been signed 2,231 times.

But WWE legend Triple H has insisted Flair thoroughly deserves the success.

Speaking during a conference call after her latest win, he said: “That finish tonight was done the way it was done for a very specific reason.

“Some people will read that and go, ‘Jesus, Charlotte can’t even get beat.’

“First of all, the whole rhetoric of Charlotte Flair and her dad and her name and all of that is garbage.

“She works as hard as anybody I’ve ever seen, she’s a great performer and deserves everything she has ever got and has.

“This was done for a very specific reason, for storyline purposes, and hopefully if we get to tell the story we want to over the coming months, I think 3-4 months from now you’ll say, ‘I know exactly why they did the finish that they did’.”

Triple H has claimed Charlotte Flair deserves all of her success


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