Five times Prince Harry is accused of hypocrisy – from privacy pleas to personal attacks on Camilla

BETTER GRABS - Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex ITV interview with Tom Bradby - Spare memoir

PRINCE Harry has been accused of hypocrisy five times over issues like feminism and privacy.

The Duke of Sussex has also been slammed for accusing Princess Diana’s former butler of “milking his mother’s death for money” in his book Spare. 

Prince Harry has been accused of hypocrisy

Harry, pictured with Meghan Markle, has done a series of interviews promoting his book

It comes after he has  done a series of high-profile media interviews to promote his tell-all book about his life. 

Hopes for private talks…after he released private info 

The privacy prince told his friend and ITV journalist that he wants any reconciliation talks with his family to be in private. 

He said of the interview and his family: “I don’t know whether they’ll be watching this or not, but, what they have to say to me and what I have to say to them will be in private, and I hope it can stay that way.”

This is despite him revealing many of his family’s secrets in his media blitz and recounting private conversations he has had with his relatives in his book. 

One of these include when the King pleaded with him and Prince William not to make his final years “a misery” after Prince Philip’s funeral. 

‘Milking his mother’s death’

Prince Harry blasted former butler Paul Burrell for “milking” Diana’s death for money when he wrote the controversial autobiography A Royal Duty in 2003. He added that it “made my blood boil”. 

Mr Burrell hit back: “I don’t recognise the young man I see today. That’s not the boy I know.

“What I see now is an angry, petulant, privileged prince who is constantly blaming other people and not taking accountability on his part.”

Self-proclaimed feminist attacks Queen Camilla

The Duke was accused of “tremendous” and “breath-taking” hypocrisy when he characterised his stepmother Queen Camilla as a “dangerous villain”.

He had also accused her of sacrificing his interests in a bid to rehabilitate her own public image. 

Queen Camilla’s friend Patronella Wyatt said:  “I think Harry is a tremendous hypocrite because he’s a self-avowed feminist and yet he takes this very nasty potshot at a 75-year-old woman who can’t answer back. So where is his feminism?

“If anyone accused Meghan of scheming her way into marriage for the Royal Family… that creates howls from Harry, so why is he doing the same thing to Camilla?

“And why is he taking absolutely no responsibility for his own mistakes which were not leaked to the Press by Camilla?”

And then he U-turns on his step-mum

After calling the Queen dangerous in one interview, Prince Harry quickly U-turned and said he had “huge compassion” for her in another. 

He even insisted he sympathised with her role as the “third person in his parents’ marriage”, insisting he “doesn’t look at her as an evil stepmother”.

He then admitted they haven’t spoken in a while but said he loves every member of the family. 

Racism? What racism? 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told Oprah Winfrey in March 2021 that a member of the Royal Family has “concerns” over how dark their son Archie’s skin might be. 

It led to a global witchhunt to unmask the “royal racist”, with the couple only intervening to insist it was neither the Queen or Prince Philip. 

But Harry staggeringly told Bradby he never called his family racist, insisting they were guilty instead of unconscious bias. 

He has since been accused of hanging his family out to dry after he failed to correct the accusations of racism until almost two years later.