Five tricks the Queen uses to keep cool in the hot summer weather


WITH the temperature soaring to 30c Brits were basking in the sunshine with parks, beaches and back gardens packed. 

But if you’re wilting in the unbearable heat, here are a few royally-approved tips to keep your cool no matter how hot it gets.

The pricey Dyson fan was spotted in the background of this photo at Buckingham Palace


The Queen might live in sumptuous palaces with hundreds of rooms, but it turns out they get just as hot as a two-bed in suburbia. 

To combat the stifling heat, the 94-year-old turns to a simple solution – a fan. 

Most Brits probably have their fans working in overtime in this heatwave, and the Queen is no different. 

But while we have got ours from the high street, the Queen has splashed out on a £550 Dyson fan. 

The Queen doesn’t wear sunglasses on official engagements and instead wears a wide-brimmed hat

The expensive gadget was spotted in the background of a photo taken at Buckingham Palace.

Wide-brimmed hat

Hats are a must-have accessory in the heat, as they help you stay cool by keeping your head in the shade.

The Queen is also a fan of hats, but uses a particular style in the heat. 

She wears wide-brimmed head pieces in sunny weather, which keeps the sun off her face.  

While she’s a fan of sunglasses, she never wears them while attending official engagements so has to rely on the hat’s brim to stop the sun’s rays from getting in her eyes.

The Queen uses a hat to keep the sun off her face and eyes on warm days

Ice cubes

The Queen employs another simple solution to stay chilled – ice in her drink. 

She doesn’t dig out any old ice cubes from the freezer, but has special round cubes so they don’t clink in her glass. 

Author Karen Dolby, who wrote Queen Elizabeth II’s Guide to Life, told Fabulous Digital: “The Queen likes her ice cubes in her glass to be round so they don’t chink quite as much as square ones.”

It’s been claimed that the Queen hated the noise of square ice cube so much, Prince Philip created a machine that makes tiny ice balls.

The monarch is known to have a gin and a Dubbonet each day, and has requested these special ice cubes to be in every drink.

The Queen enjoys a gin and Dubbonet every day – said to be made with round ice cubes

Natural fabrics

It’s safe to say most of us have banished jumpers and cosy pyjamas as we try to keep cool, with the Queen also choosing her fabrics very carefully.

Needless to say she doesn’t wear anything man-made, but has a wardrobe filled with silk, organza and chiffon. 

In summer, she forgoes her usual coat-dress style, and opts for a simple summer frock in a light material. 

But she never goes sleeveless, instead preferring three quarter-length sleeves so she can easily shake hands, and ensure it doesn’t trail in anything.

All the Queen frocks are tested with an electric fan before she wears them, to see how they’ll move in the breeze and if they’ll lift up with a gust of wind.

The Queens ditches her coat in the warm weather and wears light dresses instead

White gloves

Another tip the Queen uses to keep cool is white gloves, which may seem counterintuitive in the heat. 

But the monarch’s are made from white cotton, with the bright fabric helping keep her hands cool. 

Plus it’s useful if you’ve got to shake people’s sticky palms in the head. 

Her ladies-in-waiting also carry spare pairs, in case any get dirty.

When she wears white glove, she always ensures her accessories are colour-coordinated with matching shoes and a bag.

The white gloves help keep her cool and acts as barrier between other people’s sweaty palms

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