Gemma Collins reveals new £4k sauna in £1.3m Essex home as she strips down to a bikini to show off 3 stone weight loss


GEMMA Collins has stripped down to a bikini to reveal her new £4,000 sauna.

The queen of reality TV has been splashing the cash in her £1.3m Essex home as she added her own spa facilities.

Gemma Collins showed off her summer body in the sauna

But the diva GC hasn’t just settled for an ordinary sauna – she’s got an infrared version to help detox her body and banish the blues.

Her home’s new addition follows Gemma’s pledge to turn over a new leaf after almost losing her dad to Covid-19.

She’s lost three stone and counting after overhauling her lifestyle and exercising daily in a bid to boost her health.

Gemma said: “HONEYS GC WISDOM you need to know infared can help detox your organs !!

She says the infrared sauna is detoxing her body

“It’s waaaay better than a regular sauna which just heats the skin this heats you from the inside out !! A true detox !!

“Thank you for showing me the love and positive vibes on my journey !!!! 

“@daviniataylor I love you too for showing me all these amazing tips 💗💫 can’t wait for Marbella honey can we take this with us 💗 life changing !!!”

Her pal Davinia commented: “And it sorts out the SAD we both get from overcast skies !!!!

Gemma has been on a health kick lately to lose weight

“Like having a beach in the house !! ☀☀🏖🏖☀☀☀ enjoy. I’ll send you some detox sauna bits to use while your in there !!! Made up for you babe !!! #serotonin.”

Gemma has been treating herself to some home renovations since moving into her £1.3million glass-fronted Essex mansion.

Last night she revealed inside her huge walk-in wardrobe she’s had built for her SHOES.

The 40-year-old showed fans she’s given her high heels their very own room after moving into her mansion, which boasts a vast open-plan kitchen and floor to ceiling windows.

She’s been making home improvements to her £1.3m mansion

Showing fans inside her shoe wardrobe, Gemma told fans: “Paid for!!!!! But appreciation post for a local business @dandgcarpentryltd.”

She then showed revealed she’d bought a sauna to relax in after a hard day’s work.

Gemma said: “This sauna is everything. @daviniataylor you was right!!! Best thing ever.”

She’s built a walk-in wardrobe just for her shoes

And her sauna is the latest addition to her home

She displayed all of her colourful trainers

And she’s made room for her sunglasses collection too

Gemma boosted her earnings in lockdown thanks to a lucrative clothing brand and solo reality TV series.

And while being supportive to local businesses she’s been keen to splash the cash on home improvements.

Fans are now eagerly awaiting the new additions to her swanky pad.

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