Ghislaine Maxwell will talk to ‘stay out of jail’ and may have ‘video footage’ of Prince Andrew, his cousin claims


GHISLAINE Maxwell will talk to keep herself out of jail, and may throw Prince Andrew under the bus by handing over ‘secret video footage’, his cousin claims.

Christina Oxenberg, who first met pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged ‘madam’ in 1990 and had various encounters with her over the years, told HOAR Maxwell also once ‘boasted’ to her about procuring women for the monster – and she’s willing to testify in court.

Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly boasted about procuring women for Epstein during the 1990s

Author Christina Oxenberg says she’s willing to testify against Ghislaine in court

In an exclusive interview, the established author branded Maxwell “evil” and believes she will reveal all in an attempt to get a more lenient sentence, if convicted.

“I think she thinks she can get out, obviously she’s planning on trading [information],” she said. “I personally think she’s the big fish here.

“She’s really evil, she’s caused so much hellish damage for a human being, she will now try and find a way to wriggle out of it.

“Jeffrey paid her a lot of money to do this, she was patted on the head, she did it willingly, she didn’t have a gun to her head.

“My point of view is Ghislaine is the problem, I’m so glad she’s been arrested and I really hope there is some justice and she does some time.”

Prince Andrew, 60, has strenuously denied claims he slept with Epstein’s sex slave, 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre, three times in London, New York, and the Caribbean, while he is yet to speak with the FBI.

Christina believes Ghislaine may spill the beans about Andrew, but she feels the focus of the investigation should be on those who groomed and trafficked women.

Christina Oxenberg, Ghislaine Maxwell and HRH Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia at an event together

“He is one of many Johns, all of whom were video-taped by Ghislaine,” she claims, believing her and Epstein secretly recorded their famous pals, who could be Maxwell’s “get out of jail free cards.”

“He is not a victim here, but Ghislaine was never his friend, she was taping him,” Christina said. “Friends don’t tape friends.

“He may be thick as a plank, but she’s a depraved predatory child sex abuser, big difference.

“I think in his mind, he’s justified it to the degree that if she hadn’t invited him, he wouldn’t have been there.”

She claims: “At no point would he have thought, ‘Oh, this young lady here is under cohesion and pressure and a slave’.

“I just don’t see him as a very critical element in this whole thing, but to Virginia, he’s totally critical.

“I’m 100 per cent with the victims and I want them to get whatever they want.

“The women who went through this trauma must be elated, but it is not the end of the road for them.

“No doubt they should and will pursue financial compensation – whatever they want is what I want for them.”

Asked who she thinks the FBI should pull in next, she said: “It would be Ghislaine’s child sex-trafficking buddy Jean-Luc Brunel,” who reportedly sent 12-year-old triplets to Epstein as a birthday present.

Prince Andrew is feeling the heat after pal Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest

“That behavior is criminal sex-trafficking. He is a monster on the scale of Ghislaine and he is who needs to be gone after next. He provided the children to be abused.”

The modeling agency scout has denied the accusations of wrongdoing.

Epstein’s alleged ‘pimp’ was arrested on six charges of sex-trafficking and perjury and has not yet entered a plea, although she previously denied allegations of sexual misconduct.

Christina, 57, insists she would be wiling to testify in court, recalling her three hour conversation with Ghislaine about her procuring women for Epstein.

She told HOAR: “I will definitely be there to remind her that in ’97 she told me copious amounts.

“I spoke to the FBI in April 2019 and they asked me, if it comes to trial would you testify and I said yes.

“It takes a while to even believe that a female would do that to little girls, it’s just heartbreaking.”

Back in 1997, Ghislaine tracked down Christina, who is the Duke’s second cousin once removed, and “aggressively pitched” for her to ghost write her autobiography, which she declined.

Having moved in the same circles as her and Epstein over the years, she believes they were never really romantically involved and Ghislaine was simply his “number one employee” who lived to please him.

Christina hopes Ghislaine serves time if she’s convicted, but says she’ll be ‘unpopular’ in prison

She believes Epstein used Andrew, who has denied having sex with Virginia Giuffre, pictured with the Duke and Ghislaine

“In ’97 she told me with bravado what she was doing, she also told me the [private] plane was wired to the gills,” she said.

“Why do you do that kind of thing? [There are] so many tells in terms of she knew it was wrong. I did not like her, I thought she was a nut job.

“She described to me Jeffrey’s need for three orgasms a day, she drove herself into the trailer parks and found girls she knew he’d like.

“Ghislaine got her helicopter pilot’s license so she could take people to the island [of Little Saint James] for total privacy, she told me that … so they could control who knew, and who was going there.”

Christina says she pressed Ghislaine for more information about women she introduced to Epstein, but she got angry and simply branded them “trash” and “nothing”. 

HOAR revealed Maxwell, 58, is now on suicide watch at Merrimack County Jail in New Hampshire, and Christina believes she will struggle to survive and find it hard to make friends.

She said: “I think being [involved with] a child molester, the guards hate you, the inmates hate you, from the men’s side and the women’s side, she won’t be popular.”

The svelte former socialite, who once told Christina she lost weight by starving herself on a “Nazi diet,” may also hate the high calorie prison food, which often causes inmates to pile on weigh.

The last known photograph of Ghislaine at In N Out Burger in Los Angeles

“You have a jail baby after a few months because the food is very fattening and non-nutritious,” Christina said, after spending time teaching inmates English.

“So she can look forward to that, and she can look forward to penning her memoirs.”

Christina, who is publishing her own life stories via the website Patreon, believes the purchase of Maxwell’s $1million property in New Hampshire last December was “rushed” because she “panicked” while trying to find somewhere to hide out.

“This was definitely last minute and not the planning of a mastermind,” she claimed.

She has the money for a proper exit plan, why was that not set up? Only because she believed she was getting away with it, which is stunning. 

“There are supposed to be all these rich people in Europe who were going to protect her, where are they? It looks like she ran out of pals.

“It was a panicky move made by someone desperate … rather than some grand, slick James Bond kind of scheme.

“She bought a glass box on the top of a hill, which is a really strange choice.

“Someone’s got to go and buy the milk, someone’s got to look after you, you have no network, what’s the plan here?”

A mysterious British man was seen at the property this week, who claimed he was “a family friend” and had told the broker involved in the sale he was moving to the US after selling his tech company.

“Some Brit did all the leg work for her, he could have been a relative, he could have been a friend, if he’s anything other than a relative, he’s a real f***ing idiot,” Christina blasted.

“You can kind of understand a sibling, out of love, but as a friend they are a moron.”