Good Morning Britain fans slam ‘horrific’ HBO parody show of Prince George as guest claims it’s ‘bullying’


A HBO series depicting eight-year-old Prince George as rude and snobbish was branded “horrific” by Good Morning Britain viewers today during a fiery clash about the parody sketch show.

The HBO Max eight-part series could cause damaging effects on the next generation of the Royal Family – as the satirical show takes “unfair” jibes at the youngster.

Prince George is depicted as a rude and snobbish royal in HBO series The Prince available to watch today in the US
GMB guests Leo Kearse and Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu went head-to-head in a fiery debate

The parody portrays George as a spoilt brat and is available to stream in the US on HBO from today, prompting a debate on GMB over whether it was wrong to take shots at the young prince.

Guest Leo Kearse, a Scottish comedian, sparked fury among GMB viewers when he said the royals are fair game and he saw no problem with mocking Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eldest son.

He asked: “Is he going to hear about it at his £50,000 a year school? Excuse me …. this is a kid born into huge privilege, it’s not bullying.

“Bullying would be like taking his dinner money off him which is a probably a good idea, he probably gets £500 a day for lunch.”

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, who previously argued with Piers Morgan over his mocking of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, hit back: “He comes across as a dumb child who is tone death, this is not funny, and you know what it makes us all look like a bunch of hypocrites as a society, here we are telling children not to bully each other. In the name of God this makes no sense.

“Children will watch this because adults in their family will be watching it so yeah George would be hearing about it.

“This is not just about George it is about every child … it is not acceptable behaviour, it’s not necessary behaviour, if you want to poke fun at the royal family there are enough adults who have made mistakes. Poke fun at them.”

Viewers shared their disgt over the show on Twitter, as one wrote: “I can’t believe that comedian thinks it’s ok to to poke fun at a child royal or not. Has a victim if bullying as a child I find it horrific. Tbh to parody anyone without their permission is bullying classed as bullying. Irrespective who they are and at any age .”

Another said: “Agree with Dr Shola on #GMB leave the 8 year old alone and take this awful show of US screens !!”

Expected to air in the UK next year, the animated series was created by Gary Janetti – who began mocking the Prince on his Instagram account, which has almost one million followers.

The 54-year-old will be voicing Prince George, while Orlando Bloom plays Prince Harry, and Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner voices Princess Charlotte.

In one scene, cartoon Prince George shakes his teacher’s hand on the first day of school and says: “You curtsy lower tomorrow if you want to keep your ******* job.”

Another clips shows him sitting on a throne, saying: “Hey guys, it’s me, Prince George…

“I know self-isolating is difficult and we’re all sick of being stuck in the same 775 rooms, or, you know, studio apartment, it’s different for everyone. 

“Stay positive and be nice to your serving staff. They’re doing the best they can, even though lunch ******* sucked today.”

Critics also condemned Mr Janetti for joking about the young Prince’s sexuality, after implying a relationship with another pageboy at Prince Harry’s wedding.

On Twitter, people have voiced their outrage at the satirical show, with one user writing: “So cruel! Who even allowed this to happen?”

Critics have bashed HBO for the portrayal of Prince George, 8, as rude and snobbish

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