Hardworking Queen, 95, must not ‘exhaust’ herself ahead of big Platinum Jubilee next year, warns expert


THE Queen must be careful not to exhaust herself ahead of her big Platinum Jubilee next year, an expert has warned.

Her Majesty, 95, spent the night in hospital for tests on Wednesday after cancelling official duties.

Royal biographer Hugo Vickers says the Queen must not exhaust herself ahead of her jubilee next year
Her Majesty spent the night in hospital for tests described as ‘preliminary investigations’, pictured here at a business summit on Tuesday

The overnight stay — her first in a hospital for eight years — was for practical reasons and the monarch was discharged the following day.

But Royal Biographer Hugo Vickers said the Palace must be “careful” with the hard working monarch, who is always “keen to do as much as possible”.

Mr Vickers told Good Morning Britain: “If you look at the programme she’s done it would have exhausted almost any of us in the last few days.

“Given that next year she’s got a very big year – the Platinum Jubilee to mark 70 years on the thrown – they (the Palace) do need to be careful I think so let’s hope she is getting some rest.”

The Queen will celebrate 70 years on the British throne in 2022 – the first time any British monarch has reached the historic milestone.

In the meantime she has had 14 engagements over the past three weeks — often with a walking stick.

She used it at Westminster Abbey and Cardiff last week but discarded it at Tuesday’s Global Investment Summit at Windsor Castle.

Mr Vickers said most of the Queen’s programmes are always “arranged for her”.

And because her Maj doesn’t want to disappoint people, she finds it “difficult to say to say no to things”.

But the expert added: “She can of course say no and occasionally she does but I do think sometimes they really do need to consider how to make it as easy as possible get maximum exposure of the queen with minimum effort to her  to not tire her too much.”

Royal doctors sent the 95-year-old sovereign to be seen by specialists in London on Wednesday afternoon.

It was believed her medical team acted out of caution to have her admitted to King Edward VII hospital in Marylebone on Wednesday.

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Her Majesty was discharged — with Buckingham Palace saying she was in “good spirits” after “preliminary investigations” during her visit to hospital.

Yesterday afternoon Her Maj, 95, was understood to be back at her desk at Windsor Castle.

She was said to be reading her official government red boxes and is expected to recuperate for the rest of the week.

The Palace said: “Following medical advice to rest for a few days, the Queen attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations, returning to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today (Thursday) and remains in good spirits.”

It was believed the Queen stayed the night in hospital as it was getting too late to take her on a 26-mile trip home.

She was not thought to have had an overnight hospital stay since March 2013 when she was treated for a stomach bug at the same hospital.

And it was believed to be just her fifth major hospital trip in 40 years.

Aides hope she will be at Glasgow’s COP26 climate change summit with world leaders on November 1.

On Wednesday Her Majesty cancelled a two-day trip to Northern Ireland on doctors’ advice.

Concerns were first raised when she started to use a walking stick on engagements at Westminster Abbey and the Welsh parliament this month.

On Tuesday she was on her feet for more than an hour at a business summit at Windsor Castle.

She has also decided to give up alcohol since the death of Prince Philip, 99, in April.

The Queen, 95, cancelled official duties as she was seen by specialists on Wednesday afternoon, pictured here at her last over-night stay in 2013

Yesterday she was understood to be back at her desk at Windsor Castle and remains in ‘good spirits’

Hospital King Edward VII in Marylebone, central London, is used by the Royal Family