Heartwarming Meghan Markle video clip resurfaces and fans say it shows exactly the generous and kind person she is


MEGHAN Markle has come under scrutiny during her time as a royal, and faced further backlash after she and Harry announced they are stepping back from royal life.

However, fans of the Duchess of Sussex have rushed to show their support, circulating sweet photos and videos from over the years – including one poignant clip from 2016. 

A video from 2016 has been resurfacing on social media in support of Meghan Markle

The old footage shows Meghan meeting a dedicated fan, Emily Sorrells, during a panel event, and royal supporters have said it shows the true Meghan. 

Meghan was starring in Suits as Rachel Zane at the time, and had been communicating with Emily on social media prior to the event. 

The actress was talking on the panel about how social media had been a useful tool for her – when she spotted faithful Emily in the audience. 

Beaming, Meghan said: “It’s also been a great way for me to connect with people, like Emily who’s right here, I only know her through Twitter and I knew she was coming because I saw it on social media.

The heartwarming video shows Meghan being interviewed at an AOL event

“And she’s going on a trip soon to Costa Rica to do some aid work because she said that my UN stuff inspired her. I wrote you a letter, I brought it.”

Meghan then left the stage to give the delighted Emily a big hug and tell her: Its so good to finally meet you.

The actress then gives Emily her letter, before the fan says she has a letter for her in return from another dedicated follower.

Meghan spots fan Emily Sorrells, who she has been speaking to online, in the audience, and rushes to hug her

The pair agree to have a proper catch up when the event is over, with Meghan being praised by the interviewer for using her platform to establish such a great bond with her fans. 

The clip has clearly struck a chord with fans of the Duchess of Sussex, and has racked up over 395,000 likes online. 

One said: Meghan is a sweetheart that does not deserve the hate she’s been getting.”

Emily is clearly delighted that the then-Suits actress remembered her from their conversation

Another replied: “Shes such a nice and thoughtful person who deeply cares for others like I really wish her all the best.”

A third added: “The caption made me think this was going to be an expos type thing and Im so glad it was just showing how wonderful of a person she is.”

Emily said on TikTok: A video of me meeting Meghan Markle just went viral. Allow me to explain. She is genuinely the most inspiring human I’ve met.

“Through her social media and her blog she taught me to be a more confident and passionate version of myself. The hate against her is garbage.”

Emily shared a video on TikTok about her friendship with the duchess

Emily said of their friendship: In 2016, when I was in high school, we were like social media friends because I was one of her biggest fans and she noticed me from following her for a long time.

“There was actually a whole group of girls around the world that she was always really grateful for and posted about.

“So basically she had an interview, I told her I was coming and then she did this.

“I’m posting this because although there’s a lot of hate going around, I know her as the most genuine, passionate and caring human being who really had an impact on my life.”

Meghan and Harry have come under fire after announcing they are stepping back from senior royal duties

Meghan has come under fire since it was announced she and husband Prince Harry would be stepping down as senior royals and moving to Canada.

Meghan, 38, is still in Canada – having fled the UK as she and Harry unleashed the bombshell news they were quitting.

Harry was locked in crunch talks with the Queen on Monday, with it decided that it “wasn’t necessary” for Meghan to phone in from North America.

She was overnight spotted getting on a seaplane from Vancouver Island to Vancouver, while also performing a quiet visit to a women’s centre. 

Meanwhile, bombshell court papers claimedMeghan was behind a devastating smear campaign against her dad, Thomas Markle.

The former actress has been lying low at an 11million retreat onVancouver Island– now preparing to welcome Harry back in Canada later this week.