How King Charles will make subtle nod to the Queen in his first Christmas speech, according to royal expert


THIS is how King Charles will make a subtle nod to the Queen in his first Christmas speech, according to a royal expert.

Charles is set to give his first ever Christmas Message tomorrow.

The King filmed his first Christmas address in the Quire of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle

The Queen recorded her final Christmas speech at Windsor Castle last year

Charles filmed his message where the late monarch’s committal service was held in September

Royal Expert Adam Helliker said the Royal family won’t be changing traditions to honour the Queen – but Charles’ will reference her.

Adam said at a time where the country needs unity and a strong front, the speech will be heart-warmingly familiar.

He told HOAR Online: “I think [Charles] will use a lot of the phrases the Queen used – which many people thought were sort of bland, but important.”

The new King recorded the famous speech in The Quire of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

After 70 years of seeing the Queen on our screens, this year will be the first without her.

The Royal family are due to all gather at Sandringham this year – and won’t be steering from their traditional ways.

Adam added: “I think the very fact that they’ll all gather together as one, apart from the obvious exclusions, is a mark of respect for the Queen.

“I don’t think they’ll start messing around with traditions.

“They will still have their present opening and a big dinner on Christmas Eve.”

Despite the ongoing family issues, Charles will still address the nation and talk about his family.

Adam said: “I think [Charles will] make direct references to William and Harry [in his speech] as being part of the united family and they’ll be brushing over the kind of awkward facts.”

It comes after Harry and Meghan’s bombshell Netflix doc dropped.

The King’s speech was written and recorded after the first three episodes were released on December 8.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams added: “People forget with all this publicity about Harry and Meghan that the royal family are still grieving the loss of the Queen and Christmas is particularly a time where this will be very evident.

“There’s no doubt the speech will pay tribute to her.”

The Queen recorded her first televised Christmas message in 1957