How to blag 62 days off in 2022 using just 26 of your annual leave


We have some amazing news to share with you, and it explains how you can stretch your annual leave to get a whopping 62 days off next year.

You can ensure you maximise your time off, and it is all about strategy.

See how to get more days in the sun in 2022

The advantage that workers have in 2022, is that The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will take place.

We previously reported that the queen will celebrate 70 years on the British throne in 2022 – the first time any British monarch has reached the historic milestone.

February 6, 2022, will mark 70 years on the throne, however, the UK will celebrate Her Majesty’s 70th anniversary as monarch with a blockbuster weekend of celebrations in June 2022.

Senior British royals will attend a string of spectacular events in London and other cities showcasing the Queen’s impact in June 2022 – with a long four day weekend planned for.


The May Bank Holiday Weekend will be moved to Thursday, June 2, 2022, and an additional Bank Holiday will take place on Friday, June 3, 2022.

To ensure you get the most out of your annual leave, you will need to book off 26 days, in order to set your “out of office” for 62.

For January, you can take four days off and get nine, as Monday the 3rd is a bank holiday. Thus if you book four days off, 4th-7th of January, you will get nine days off in a row,

February and March do not give these strategic options but April allows you to use eight annual leave days and get 16.

If you take the four days off before the Good Friday bank holiday which runs from April 11th to the 14th, and the four days after the Easter Monday bank holiday, 29th-22nd, you will have 16 days off in a row, for the price of eight.

In May, there is a bank holiday on the 2nd, and taking the four days off for the rest of this will will grant you nine work-free days in a row.

In June, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee means that June 2nd and 3rd, Thursday and Friday are bank holidays.

Thus if you take off the three days before (30-31 May and 1 June) and you’ll have nine days off in a row by using up just three days of annual leave.

July does not offer the same options but in August you can get nine days off for the price of four annual leave days.

As Monday the 29th is a bank holiday, you have the option to take four days annual leave for the rest of the week – 30th August to 2nd September which will give you nine days off in a row.

September, October and November do not offer these opportunities but December certainly does.

The festive period brings an opportunity to get a whopping 10 days off using three days of annual leave.

Due to Christmas Day(25th) falling on a Sunday, and Boxing day(26th) falling on a bank holiday Monday, thus the 26th and 27th will be bank holidays.

New Year’s Day Bank Holiday is Monday 2nd January and this won’t affect your 2022 days off.

By booking the three days in between (28-30 December), you can get 10 days off in a row (24 December-2 January).

Thus you can have 62 days off for 26 annual leave days in 2022.

You will be laughing with all these days off

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