How will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry earn money after Megxit?


MEGHAN and Harry have announced they are stepping down from royal duties in exchange for a “more independent” life.

The move means they’ll no longer be receiving cash from the public, so how will they make an income?

Harry and Meghan have stepped down from royal duties

How will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry earn money after Megxit?

It is understood that in return for dropping use of the HRH titles, there will be no oversight on how the couple earn money, meaning they can make whatever commercial deals they want.

This week it emerged that former Suits star Meghan hassigned a deal with Disneyin return for a donation to a wildlife charity.

The Duchess of Sussexwill do the voiceover to help fund Elephants Without Borders, an organisation that helps to track and protect the animals from poaching.

Branding expertshave said the couples value could quickly challenge the Beckhams, worth700million.

The couple are free to pursue book deals, TV deals, public speaking, fashion and brand partnerships after their split from the royal family.

The couple are now free to sign up for commercial deals

How will they pay for the Frogmore renovations?

The Queen revealed a no-nonsense deal that will see Meghan and Harrypay back 2.4m of taxpayers’ money spent on Frogmore Cottage.

As payback for quitting royal duties, the pair will foot the huge cost of refurbishing their Windsor residence where they only moved in last April.

The couple decided to leave Kensington Palace for the Grade II-listed property, which was a gift from The Queen.

Now it’s suspected that the couple could face paying 30,000 in rent a month in order to retain Frogmore Cottage – even though they will spend most of the year abroad.