I want to name my son in honour of the Queen but terrified he’ll be bullied & people are saying it’s too ‘Kardashian’

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THE Queen’s passing has left many people mourning Her Majesty, so much so that one man would like to name his son in honour Queen Elizabeth the II.

When it comes to drawing up a list of baby names, parents take inspiration from all sorts, from fictional characters to inspiring people.

The dad wants to name his son in honour of the Queen – but Reddit users think it sounds too ‘Kardashian’

The man took to Reddit anonymously to reveal his plan and ask others for their advice.

He revealed that his great grandfather was also called Royal, so the name would also have a personal connection while still honouring the Queen.

The dad added: “My wife and I are thinking about naming our son Royal. It’s certainly a name one would remember.

“I think it’s rad, my wife is on the fence but is considering it.

“My concern is that it sounds, for lack of a better term, douchey, sort of like naming your child Lexus or Rich.

“I definitely don’t want to saddle my son with something he hates, but I know of certain folk with unique names and it gives them a type of gravitas, especially if there is an actual connection to something.”

Reddit users swarmed to the comments section of the post – and many tried to steer the dad away from using the name, with some saying it sounded too Kardashian-like.

One wrote: “It’s an awesome family name – but it definitely falls into the ‘douchey’ grey space he is worried about as a first name.”

Another person added: “It reminds me of something a Kardashian would name their child. It’s a no from me.”

A third responded: “It either sounds like you’re naming your child like an Instagram influencer or you’re trying to stand on the balcony with the royal family.”

But it seemed there were some people who thought it was a great name and added it could be tweaked if he grows up not to like it.

One person added: “I’ve never heard Royal as a name but I like it. I actually love the name Royalty for a girl.

“If for some reason your son doesn’t like it when he is older, he could easily go by Roy.”

Meanwhile, another user wrote: “I knew a name named Royal and he was one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I know. He totally pulled it off.”

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