I’m a body language expert – small moment during Windsor walkabout ‘revealed’ how Kate really feels about Meghan Markle

The Princess of Wales, the Prince of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex walk to meet members of the public at Windsor Castle in Berkshire following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday. Picture date: Saturday September 10, 2022. PA Photo. See PA story DEATH Queen. Photo credit should read: Chris Jackson/PA Wire

WHEN Prince William and Kate Middleton reunited with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the weekend, many were left hopeful this was an olive branch.

But it seems that’s not quite the case, as body language expert Judi James has revealed the real reasons behind the Prince of Wales’ decision to invite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to the walkabout at Windsor Castle.

This ‘reunion’ was an intentional gesture rather than showing they’re back on track, according to Judi James

Speaking to HOAR, she says: “This ‘reunion’ looked like an intentional gesture rather than a signal that the Fab Four were somehow back on track. 

“The body language story that underlined this appearance suggested little more than a desire to do the right, adult thing to respect both their grandmother and their father, the new King.”

Kate’s telling moments

Kate Middleton quickly got out of the car and rushed off, away from the group

And Judi says Kate made it abundantly clear how she feels about Meghan, from the moment the four arrived in the same car.

She says: “Kate got out of the car and slammed the door herself, striding off and leaving Meghan trailing in her wake. 

“There was no eye contact between them and Meghan paused and hung back while Kate rushed to join the brothers and greet their host.”

And it didn’t get any better by the end of the walkabout either.

Judi says: “As the four stood face to face at the end of the outing, both Meghan and Kate sucked their lips in rather than smiling at each other and each other’s husbands. 

“Kate pulled back so far that William put an arm out to pull her towards Harry and Meghan for the final line-up pose. 

“She was off quickly afterwards, opening her own door of the car and jumping in while Harry rushed to open Meghan’s for her.”

William in control

Judi James says Prince William was in control of the group

With Kate appearing “reluctant” to be there, according to Judi, it fell on William to steer and nudge her to join in the show of unity.

Comparatively, Kate took that role at Prince Philip’s memorial, pushing her husband to display a united front with Harry.

“It was clear from William’s splayed posture and his confident, determined walk as well as his leadership rituals of pointing things out to the others and steering and choreographing the foursome that this ‘statement’ behaviour was his idea,” Judi says. 

Aside from Kate’s door-slamming, Judi says there were many other telling moments about the Fab Four’s arrival, indicating brothers Harry and William – who haven’t spoken in a while – both felt very uncomfortable.

She says: “William and Harry left the car to stand together, albeit awkwardly, with a mirrored tie-straightening suggesting mutual discomfort and possible anxiety. There was an attempt at some exchange of words though. 

“One thing the brothers still do is mirror each other’s body language, suggesting strong bonds are still there in place beneath all the bitterness and rifts.”

It was William who extended an arm to bring Meghan forward and include her in the group, but she still was a lot further away from Kate, who was “powering forward, focusing on the job at hand rather than on Meghan and Harry”.

Meghan and Harry’s discomfort

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were constantly comforting each other

But there were also some nicer moments by the flower tributes

Judi says Meghan and Harry were both feeling very uncomfortable throughout the walkabout – and there were a few different gestures they both made to put the other at ease.

When she was standing away from the other three, as they arrived, Harry moved round to join her and put his arm around her waist with his thumb rubbing her back.

Later on, Meghan was giving back-rubs and “partial hugs”  to Harry.

“Even their hand clasp involved Meghan’s thumb rubbing Harry’s hand as an even more emphatic signal of comfort and reassurance,” Judi adds.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the four at Windsor.

There were some moments by the floral tributes to the Queen where Kate spoke to Harry and Meghan, and exchanged some eye contact.

However, Judi notes it was “a far cry from the days like their Christmas walk to church when Kate was happy to approach Meghan with smiles and friendly chats and laughter to try to rubbish rumours of any rift.”