I’m furious I’ve been ordered to remove the flags I’m flying for the Queen just before her funeral for ridiculous reason

John Broadhead photographed by Oliver Dixon for Sun Online at his home in Farnham, Surrey - 18 Sept 2022. Story: A man who celebrated the Platinum Jubilee by hanging two giant flags off his house is fuming he's been told to pull them down.

A ROYAL fan who celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by flying two Union Jacks outside his house is fuming after being told to pull them down following her death. 

John Broadhead said the council’s order is “downright disrespectful” during the national period of mourning – and he has vowed to keep the flags in prime position. 

John Broadhead with one of the flags outside his home in Farnham, Surrey

Surrey County Council said the banners ‘obstruct the highway’ and need to be taken down

The 72-year-old said he erected the patriotic banners in May this year to mark the late monarch’s 70-year reign.

Months passed without any issues, but, on September 16 – eight days after Her Majesty’s passing – he says he received a letter from his local authority.

Officials said the flags are “obstructing the highway” and they ordered him to ditch them pronto.

A livid John, from Farnham, Surrey, said: “The flags have been up for three and a half months and it’s only an issue now. 

“I couldn’t believe it when I got that letter. This week of all weeks.

“It’s unbelievable really, downright disrespectful. They are real jobsworths.”

John, a retired rental video shop manager, insists no one had complained about the flags before this week.

In fact, he claims his neighbours “absolutely love” them. 

“They always say how lovely it is that I’m so patriotic,” the Spurs fan added. 

“We live in a very quiet valley and they aren’t disrupting anyone.

“I love motorbikes and have a Harley Davidson and the neighbours definitely have more complaints about that than my flags.”

Pat Ward, who lives locally, said: “It’s just ridiculous and unfair. It’s a lovely tribute to the Queen.”

Despite being told to have them removed as soon as possible, John, who describes himself as “a real royalist”, is adamant he won’t back down and give in to Surrey County Council’s “insensitive” command. 

The pensioner said: “I love all this stuff and the flags won’t be going anywhere. I think I will leave them up. 

“I went to lay flowers after Diana and the Queen Mother died, it’s what I do, so this was a real kick in the teeth.

“It’s the Jubilee year and to lose her almost straight afterwards was a massive shock to everybody.”

A Surrey County Council spokesperson: “We have a duty to protect the safety of the highways.

“Any complaint will be reviewed through the appropriate process.” 

John with one of the patriotic banners in Farnham, Surrey

John’s neighbour Pat Ward said: ‘It’s just ridiculous and unfair. It’s a lovely tribute to the Queen’

John described the timing of the letter as ‘an absolute joke’
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