It won’t be long until her royal punkess Charlotte gets an undercut


Behind the cute dresses, cardis and T-bar sandals is a mini royal rebel.

Princess Charlotte might be about to turn five, but she’s already blazing a tiny trail. The fourth in line to the throne is the sassiest member of the Firm and she’s giving the rule book the royal waive.

Princess Charlotte is already a royal rebel at only five and is the sassiest member of the Royal Family
Our new columnist Kate Wills tells us why Princess Charlotte is a royal with attitude

First was Louis’ christening, where Charlotte told the reporters outside: “You’re not coming.” Then at the King’s Cup regatta she was urged by Kate to wave to the crowds, but decided to stick her tongue out instead.

Little Lottie might appear to toe the party line in immaculate uniform on her first day at school, or as a bridesmaid at Meghan and Harry’s wedding. But if you look closely, the clues about her renegade attitude are all there.

Her school bag has a sparkly pink unicorn key ring on it, and she’s the only bridesmaid whose floral headband is at a jaunty angle. She is the punk princess we’ve all been waiting for. Personally, I’m delighted, because my favourite royals are the ones who break from palace protocol.

I would love it if Charlotte followed in the famously decadent footsteps of Princess Margaret. The original royal rebel, Margaret would apparently start her day with two hours in bed listening to the radio and chain-smoking, before a vodka pick-me-up at 12.30pm, followed by an “informal” four-course lunch with the Queen Mother.

At the King’s Cup regatta, Charlotte decided to stick her tongue out instead of listening to Kate, who urged her to wave to the crowds

But I have to confess that my day-to-day life in lockdown doesn’t actually look that different. Who says the royal family aren’t relatable? Charlotte doesn’t even have to look to the past for rebellious role models, of course.

There’s her naughty uncle Harry – a fellow spare-not-heir, who also loved to cheekily poke out his tongue at the paps as a kid. After Hazza’s youthful experimentation with Nazi costumes, “spicy cigarettes” and naked pool playing in Vegas, we shouldn’t really have been that surprised by his big “Megxit”, AKA telling everyone to “eff orf”.

Charlotte doesn’t have to go as extreme as that in her IDGAF-ness. She could just do a Zara. The Queen’s eldest granddaughter hit the headlines at 17 when she was pictured with a tongue piercing. Others who’ve had the rebel gene include King Edward VIII, who gave up the throne to marry his divorcée girlfriend Wallis Simpson and live a lavish life in Paris.

And, of course, Diana, who danced with John Travolta, dated billionaires and had the audacity to look cracking in a swimsuit on a yacht. In Europe, there’s Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, who not only had a child out of wedlock (shock, horror!), but also had a relationship with a “married elephant trainer” and then got hitched to an acrobat from his circus.

Charlotte might well follow in the famously decadent footsteps of Princess Margaret

It won’t be long before CC (as Charlotte Cambridge will no doubt rebrand herself) is ditching the hair bows, shaving herself an undercut, getting a septum ring and forming a band.

Maybe with fellow celeb spawn North West, Blue Ivy and Harper Beckham? Meghan can be their manager. Now that really would modernise the monarchy.

The saying goes: “Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man.” I say: “Give me a royal until she is seven and I will show you the headlines to come.”