Jeremy Clarkson tells Meghan Markle to get a grip and stop crying


JEREMY Clarkson has told Meghan Markle to “get a grip” and stop crying.

The outspoken presenter, 59, believes moaning Meghan, 38, needs to toughen up after she rejected Brits’ belief of a stiff upper lip.

Jeremy Clarkson has told Meghan Markle to ‘get a grip’

In an interview with British GQ, Jeremy said: “Everybody cries. Everybody cried when Diana was buried. But I mean, as a general rule, you’ve got to get a grip.

“I think the expression ‘get a grip’ needs to come back into the lexicon as soon as possible. Everybody needs to get a grip. Meghan Markle … just get a grip.”

Meghan shocked royal fans when she admitted being unhappy with her life in an ITV documentarycalled Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.

She admitted: “It is not enough to just survive something, right?

The former Hollywood actress has moved back to Canada with her baby son and husband Harry

“That’s not the point of life. You’ve got to thrive.

“You’ve got to feel happy and I think I really tried to adopt this British sensibility of a stiff upper lip. I tried, I really tried.”

Since then she has walked away from her Royal duties with husband Prince Harry and revealed they’re moving to Canada.

They’ve turned their backs on Royal life

Meghan has already reportedly signed a voiceover dealwith Disney in return for a donation to a wildlife charity– a gig thatPrince Harry was filmed touting for at the Lion King premiere.

The couple are currently holed up in their Canadian mansion, with around-the-clock protection.

But it was recently claimed close protection officers werebeing sent to grab coffees and buy organic food while on detail.

  • Read the full interview in the March issue of British GQ available via digital download and on newsstands on Friday.