Jessica Mulroney DELETES shot of Meghan Markle with her son at royal wedding after saying pic brought her ‘joy’


MEGHAN Markle’s pal Jessica Mulroney posted a throwback shot of her son at the Duchess’ wedding, before promptly deleting it.

Mulroney, who is a long-time friend of Markle, posted the picture with the caption: “I see this and pure joy.”

The mum-of-three posted the photo of her son carrying Meghan’s veil which was taken at her May 2018 wedding on Thursday.

The mum-of-three shared this photo of her son at Meghan’s 2018 wedding and said it brings her ‘pure joy’

However, she has since deleted the snap.

Marie Claire speculated that Meghan or “someone from Team Sussex” asked Mulroney to take the picture down.

Mulroney had previously captioned the picture, “when I feel dark and grey, I see this and it all goes away,” before amending it, the Daily Mail reported, and then completely deleting the post.

“Meghan obviously can’t be seen in public with her, she needs to cool it for now, but it will be surprising if she doesn’t get back in touch because Jess knows a lot,” a source told HOAR back in June.

The Duchess of Sussex reportedly met celebrity stylist Jessica Mulroney while she was living in Toronto filming Suits and asked her three children to be included in her bridal party.

However, Meghan allegedly felt she could “no longer be associated” with Jessica after her pal was accused of abusing her white privilege by influencer Sasha Exeter.

The argument blew up on social media in June when Sasha shared a ‘call to action,’ asking fans to use their online profiles to promote the Black Lives Matter movement, to which Jessica took offense – feeling it was aimed directly at her.

The pair met in Toronto while Meghan was filming Suits

Jessica’s three children were included in Harry and Meghan’s bridal party – along with Prince George and Princess Charlotte

The two women became embroiled in a nasty spat, with Sasha accusing Jessica of “threatening” her livelihood, which the stylist denied, after which she sent her a private message reading: “Liable suit, good luck [sic].”

Jessica apologised for her behavior amid an outcry as followers branded her a “bully” and a “racist”, but she was later dropped from bridal show ‘I Do, Redo’ with bosses at Canada’s CTV saying her comments clashed with their “commitment to diversity and equality.”

She later lost her job on ABC’s Good Morning America, along with a number of fashion deals – and sources claimed former royal Meghan was “mortified and heartbroken” and chose to keep her distance.

However, Jessica has denied falling out with Meghan and responded to claims she’d been “dumped” as “fake news” when she returned to social media earlier this month.

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