Kate Middleton sends ‘deeply personal’ letter to family of Sarah Everard in a show of unity after Clapham vigil visit


KATE Middleton has sent a deeply personal letter to the family of Sarah Everard, a source has revealed.

The Duchess of Cambridge, 39, is claimed to have written an emotional letter to Sarah’s family expressing her sadness and sympathy.

A source has claimed that Kate has sent a ‘deeply personal’ letter to Sarah Everard’s family
Sarah went missing on March 3 after she was last seen on Clapham Common

“This was a deeply personal and heartfelt letter, simply to express her absolute sadness at what Sarah’s family and loved ones are going through,” the source told The Mirror.

“The Duchess knows that no words can change what has happened, but wanted to let them know that they and Sarah are in her thoughts.”

Sarah went missing just three miles from where Kate shared an apartment with her sister Pippa.

“She remembers what it is like to walk alone as a young woman in London, and elsewhere, and like so many other women she has been thinking deeply about her experiences during those times,” the source continued.

“It was important for her to pay her respects in this way.

“This was a private matter to her and she wanted to show unity with everyone else who shares these feelings.”

Earlier this month, Kate made a private visit to a shrine near where Sarah was last seen.

The Duchess was seen without her husband Wills and their children and any obvious security as she joined hundreds in the Common.

She laid daffodils picked from the garden at Kensington Palace and paused for around five minutes reading cards and looking at the sea of flowers.

A royal source said it was a private visit inspired by Kate’s own experiences from walking alone at night in London and elsewhere. They said the duchess wanted to pay respects to Sarah’s family.

The source added: “Kate also wanted to show unity to everyone else who is having the same feelings right now. She wanted to do it privately and felt it was the right thing to do. There was no fanfare.”

Police were criticised for their handed tactics during a vigil held for Sarah after several women were tackled to the ground and arrested.

Images and video on social media later showed women being dragged away by officers.

A red-haired woman was seen being pinned to the ground and handcuffed by a male officer.

In video footage, five women could be seen on the bandstand gripping the railings as officers asked them to leave. When they refused, they were grabbed.

Sarah vanished after walking home from a friend’s house in Clapham, South West London, on March 3.

Her body had to be identified by dental records after being found in a builder’s bag in Kent, it is said.

Met cop Wayne Couzens has been charged with Sarah’s kidnap and murder.

The cop, who worked on the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command unit, had finished a shift earlier on the morning of March 3 and was not on duty at the time of Sarah’s disappearance.

The Duchess left daffodils from Kensington Palace at the shrine in Clapham Common
Kate, 39, seen leaving the shrine after a private visit to the Common

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