Kate Middleton’s hilarious comeback after being mistaken for Prince William’s assistant


WHEN she’s out and about performing royal duties, Kate Middleton always looks the part of the poised and proper Duchess.

That said, the mum-of-three is also known for her cheeky sense of humour and is always willing to tease her husband in public when the opportunity arises.

Kate Middleton had a hilarious comeback to a pensioner who asked if she was William’s ‘assistant’

In August last year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were touring Cardiff when they paid a visit to the Shire Hall Care Home – after they played bingo with residents via video link in lockdown.

During their visit, the couple got talking to 87-year-old Joan Drew-Smith.

At one point, the pensioner turned to Prince William and asked: “Is this your assistant?”

Finding the whole thing hilarious, the Duchess thought she’d join in on the joke and confirmed that she is William’s PA of sorts.


She laughed to her husband: “Well, I am your assistant. I have been for a long time!”

What’s more, Joan had no problem telling the couple that their bingo skills were a bit lacklustre and even told the press the game “wasn’t as good as it could have been”.

Luckily, the future King had no hard feelings and greeted the pensioner with: “Hello Joan, do you remember we did the bingo with you? You said we weren’t very good!”

In response, she told him: “Yes. You did a bloody sh***y job.”

Needless to say, her unexpectedly savage reply had the couple in stitches.

When chatting to 95-year-old Margaret Stocks, Kate revealed that the couple had never played bingo before – which explained their underwhelming performance.

She laughed: “That’s why we were so bad!”

The couple played virtual bingo with the carehome residents in lockdown

Joan Drew-Smith [pictured] joked the royal couple did a ‘s****y job’

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