Madonna angers fans after saying the Queen is never late when they slammed her for being repeatedly late for her shows


MADONNA has angered fans after insisting “the Queen is never late” after they slammed her for being repeatedly late to the stage on her Madame X tour.

The 61-year-old star has sparked outrage this year after her performances started several hours later than advertised.

Madonna made the ill-advised remark at her Vegas concert on Saturday

In fact, one disgruntled Florida fan is even pursuing legal action against the singer for breach of contract after the timing of her upcoming Miami show was changed without notice.

However, Madonna seems unbothered by the unrest and made her stance on the lawsuit clear during her Las Vegas show on Saturday.

As the crowd whooped and cheered at The Colosseum, Madonna explained: “Here’s something that you all need to understand: The Queen is never late.”

She went on to share a clip of the moment to her Twitter page – but the move has now sparked backlash from followers who have accused her of being “disrespectful”.

Madonna repeatedly shows up late for her performances
One disgruntled fan is suing the singer

Others, who were at the gig, claimed that the audience started to boo the remark just moments after the clip cut off.

One wrote: “You cut that clip off just short of where the audience started booing..”

Another added: “You are losing fans over this constant tardiness.

“I’m sure you’d be upset if someone was inconsiderate of your time. I’m a long time, huge fan but this is indefensible [sic].”

A third sniped: “A Queen respects her fans.”

Last week, Buzfeed News reported that Nate Hollander filed a lawsuit against Madge after he spent $1,024 [796] on three tickets to her Miami show on the 17th December.

Months later, Live Nation changed the concert’s start time from 8.30pm to 10.30pm – because the singer wants her performances to start later in the evening.

Hollander shared his outrage after he was unable to get a refund despite the advertised time being changed, and he has cited “financial loss” in the legal battle.

The change in time also impacts teens who live in Miami, as the county has an 11pm curfew for those under 18, meaning that they will now be unable to attend the show.