Megan Barton-Hanson strips naked for sexy Halloween shoot


MEGAN Barton-Hanson has stripped naked for a sexy Halloween shoot.

The cheeky Love Islander posed beside a sign that said ‘God save the Queen’ in x-rated snaps shared on Instagram.

Megan Barton-Hanson poses naked for a sizzling Halloween shoot

Megan, 26, proudly showed off her enviable body that she slathered with oil for the sizzling shoot.

Wes Nelson’s ex wore her hair in a sexy perm as she teetered in sky-scrapper heels and covered her modesty with her hands.

And her boobs and stomach were painted in splashes of silver and sequins, with devil horns perched on her head.

Megan, who has a new sex and mental health podcast You Come First, shared behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot that took place in East London on Instagram.

Megan, 26, covered her body in splashes of silver and sequin

The Love Islander sips a beer with her legs perched on a table

The shoot comes after Megan told HOAR how she likes to take control in the bedroom and can be “quite demanding and dominant”.

Influencer Megan said she did not get the fuss about sex at first — and actually got more stimulation from horse riding.

The star, who has partnered with upmarket sex toy firm LELO, also described her young self as “painfully shy”.

Megan, a former stripper who grew up in Southend, Essex, said she was “peer pressured” into her first kiss.

Megan has also had a year-long on/off relationship with footballer and songwriter Chelcee Grimes, 28, having discovered she liked women after a threesome.

Megan checks out the menu at Gods Own Junk Yard

The Love Islander shared behind-the-scenes snaps from the shoot

After finding out what works for her, Megan took charge in her relationships, and she was comfortable doing it

She says: “It happened really naturally with a videographer I was shooting with.

“She asked me back to hers to do some more filming, we started kissing, had a few drinks and invited her boyfriend in. I’d never fancied a threesome because I imagined the girls would just be there for the men’s pleasure.

“But I fancied this girl more than her boyfriend. He was an added bonus. Instead of using a toy, we had a real-life man there!”

Megan — who is in the top ten of celebrity earners on X-rated website OnlyFans by sending bikini pictures to subscribers — is single.

Love Island stars Wes and Megan famously had sex in a disabled loo at Southend Airport in 2018

She says: “I was in a big panic before lockdown, thinking, ‘I’m 26, I need to meet someone’.

“Now I feel like I don’t need anyone. I’m in the process of buying my first house.

“If someone came into my life I’d give them a chance, but too many women get into a panic — and that’s when you settle for someone who isn’t right.”