Meghan and Harry latest – Duchess ‘glad to be home’ in Los Angeles as mansion linked to Russian ‘Scarface oligarch’


MEGHAN MARKLE revealed that it’s “good to be home” in America after spending during time in UK with Prince Harry.

The Sussexes moved to Canada before heading for Los Angeles prior to the coronavirus pandemic with their son Archie.

But Meghan told at The 19th Represents Summit via a video call that “it was just so sad to see where [America] was in that moment” upon returning.

“To come back and see the state of affairs at the onset if I’m honest it was just devastating.”

But they have been told they ‘should be more careful’ when buying properties after their new home in Santa Barbara was bought from Russian ‘Scarface oligarch’ Sergey Grishin.

Grishin, 56, has been accused by his ex-wife of launching a three-year “campaign of terror” during a legal battle.

Ms Sulkess claims he made “numerous death threats” to her friend and his ex-wife Anna Fedoseeva – while hiring a “hit man” in an attempt to “kill them” – courts papers reveal.

Grishin denies all claims, calling them “false and highly defamatory”.

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