Meghan and Harry latest news – Royal couple raking in a fortune – from £112m Netflix deal to speeches paying £750k


MEGHAN Markle and Price Harry have become a ‘cash-in couple’ with big brands throwing dosh at the pair – and they’re only set to make even more.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex landed a £30million deal with Spotify for their own podcast – adding to their £100million Netflix win.

So far, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are predicted to have netted up to £230million in their new life – after allegedly running up a colossal taxpayer bill in the UK.

Former Lib Dem MP and Privy Council member Norman Baker said:”Now from their right-on California pad, they have embarked on a massive spree to get rich, trading on their fading royal status while it lasts.”

Duchess is said to have sparked anger from the palace after she allegedly enlisted close pal Oprah Winfrey to help flog a coffee investment via an Instagram post.

What’s more, the Sussexes could top their earnings next year, with potential other multi-million-pound deals including a book deal for £47.5million and sponsored Instagram posts raking up up to £81million.

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