Meghan and Harry latest – Queen urged to STRIP runaway royals of their titles ASAP to save the monarchy


THE Queen has been urged to strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles “as soon as possible” to save the monarchy.

97% of royal fans thought the Harry and Meghan should have the Dukedom of Sussex taken away from them, according to a poll for the Express, with many branding branded the runaway royals “disrespectful”.

Some even suggested Harry should even be stripped of his title of Prince, adding “if something isn’t done soon, I fear the forthcoming 70 year celebration next year will be met with booing from Her Majesty’s subjects.”

The polls comes as the author of the book Meghan Misunderstood, Sean Smith claims Meghan was “done” with the UK a week after marrying Prince Harry as she was reduced to being his “hottie”. 

Speaking on Lorraine, he said: My feeling when I wrote the book is we lost her within a week actually. It was extraordinary. Here was a woman who went from being a human right’s campaigner to Prince Harry’s hottie, within a week.

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