Meghan and Harry latest – Royal family set for HELLISH decade after losing three ‘major stars’, expert claims


THE Royal family is set to suffer a hellish decade after the loss of three major stars, an expert has claimed.

2020 has seen Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew step out of the royal limelight – admittedly for very different reasons.

The loss of such recognisable names has left the monarchy “dwindling”, and forcing “duller” names into the spotlight, according to Graham Smith, CEO of pressure group Republic.

“I think the monarchy has a difficult decade ahead…Meghan and Harry have left, the Queen is withdrawing more and more due to her age and she is likely to die before the end of the decade,” he told the Express.

“You are left with the only recognisable royals as Charles, William and Kate. Charles does not have the same warmth and support others have and quite frankly William and Kate are rather dull and uninspiring,” he added.

“It is all going to take a lot of shine off the monarchy,” Smith went on.

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