Meghan & Harry latest news – Meghan told to DROP lawsuit as Royal Family left ‘hopping mad’ over Sussex Royal trademark


MEGHAN Markle should quit her privacy lawsuit against Associated Newspapers, urges a legal expert.

Mark Stephens, of Howard Kennedy, told Newsweek: “If I was advising Meghan I’d be saying get out now. This is another hole below the waterline.

“The risk is that how she curates her reputation, what she allows into the public domain and what she doesn’t, are now things that will be picked over by lawyers in cross-examination.”

She is suing the Mail on Sunday over the publication of a letter she wrote to her estranged dad, Thomas, in 2018.

Stephens’ advise comes after Meghan lost a court battle to block claims she allegedly co-operated with the authors of Finding Freedom.

This comes as new details emerge in the new book titled Battle of Brothers, written by royal biographer Robert Lacey.

The book claims that Meghan and Harry left the Royal Family ‘hopping mad’ when they trademarked Sussex Royal products which was regarded as the “commercialising of the crown”. 

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