Meghan Markle ‘cold calling’ politicians on their private phones using her royal title to lobby for paid paternity leave


MEGHAN Markle has been “cold calling” politicians on their private phones and using her royal title to lobby for paid paternity leave.

The Duchess, 40, has called two “shocked” Republican senators on their private numbers in a bid to use her influence to get them to vote for the rights, it’s been revealed.

Meghan Markle has used her royal title as she cold-called politicians on their private phones

According to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Meghan is now hoping to be part of “a working group to work on paid leave long term.”

She called Republican Senators Susan Collins from Maine and Shelley Moore Capito from West Virginia – and both said they were shocked that Meghan called out of the blue.

They also noted that she used her royal title to lobby the cause.

Senator Collins said: “I was happy to talk with her, but I’m more interested in what people from Maine are telling me about paid leave.”

This comes as furious republicans have told Meghan Markle to “stick to acting” following her “politically motivated” letter to Congress.

The Duchess of Sussex wrote a lengthy plea to two Democratic lawmakers in Washington DC in which she advocated for paid family leave.

But now incensed politicians have hit back at Megan for daring to “intervene” in US politics – even calling on the Queen to strip the royal of her titles.

Royal experts had previously called her letter, addressed to Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, a “first try” for the Duchess to move into politics.

Angela Levin, author of Harry: A Biography of a Prince, said: “Meghan’s first try for a political role perhaps.

“She’s writing to Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer ‘on behalf of all families’ to get paid leave.”

However, although admitting that there was a “good enough cause” – many would “question her real motive” amid accusations of “hypocrisy.”

Lisa Mclain, a Republican representative Michigan, believed that Meghan Markle’s attempt was “incredibly out of touch with the American people,” adding that she should “stick to acting instead of trying to play politics.”


She said: “The last thing we need right now is wealthy celebrities pushing their liberal agendas on the American people.”

Megan has insisted that the plea was sent as an American and a “mom” and not a politician. 

She wrote in her letter: “I’m not an elected official, and I’m not a politician. I am, like many, an engaged citizen and a parent. 

“And because you and your congressional colleagues have a role in shaping family outcomes for generations to come, that’s why I’m writing to you at this deeply important time – as a mom – to advocate for paid leave.”

America currently has no system for paid parental leave, although President Joe Biden has vowed to introduce it.