Meghan Markle has now fallen out with family, staff, Press and public – spot the pattern?


HARRY and Meghan claim they are guided by the desire to “build compassion around the world”. Is there a start date? When will this begin?

Because at present their motivations appear to be grudges, vindictive score-settling, self-obsession and imagined victimhood. Oh, and money.

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Meghan Markle accused the Royal Family of lying in a bombshell Oprah interview

There can be no winners from the war they seem determined to wage against the Royal Family they abandoned.

What does it gain them? How does it heal the world for Meghan to go on Oprah and denounce the Palace — in other words our 94-year-old Queen and her ailing husband, 99 — as liars?

Or to react to serious bullying claims against her from young female staff by alleging that newspapers are stooges in a Palace plot to undermine the couple?

Her fans cannot admit that Meghan’s troubles stem from her own behaviour. So they conclude, absurdly and with zero evidence, that racism is behind it.

But Meghan has now fallen out with her family, her husband’s family, her former staff and a Press and public which greeted her wedding to Harry with rapturous adulation.

Spot the pattern?

Sunak attack

RISHI Sunak was probably taken aback by the ferocity of his kicking from economists and pundits over the Budget.

They’re largely out of step with the public. Not only has Britain endured far more painful Budgets. But ordinary people, unlike some of the Chancellor’s critics, have not forgotten we are in dire straits unprecedented in peacetime.

Rishi Sunak’s critics seem to have forgotten we are in dire straits unprecedented in peacetime

HOAR doesn’t relish tax rises either. But they’re still a fair way off. Who knows if they will go ahead at that level?

We doubt the barbs will trouble Sunak much, though. Especially from Keir Starmer.

Labour is now trying to confect a scandal from the fact that areas which voted Tory to get more funding into their towns ARE now seeing it delivered.

Starmer could have vowed to double it. Instead he managed to imply they didn’t really deserve it.

Another Red Wall-winning strategy from the leftie dinner parties of Islington.

Sort care now

WHERE is the grand plan to fix social care Boris Johnson promised in 2019? Nowhere.

The sector’s failings have been ­savagely exposed by Covid. It needs far more money and better NHS integration to relieve pressure on wards.

Social care needs far more money and better NHS integration

Staff morale is disastrous.

The Tories’ excuse for inaction, Covid aside, is that they want a cross-party solution — a long-term strategy Labour can buy into. Labour, for their part, claim the Tories haven’t been in touch.

But why bother? At this rate Labour may not taste power for years.

If an 80-seat majority isn’t a mandate to make bold decisions, what is?

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