Meghan Markle latest – ‘Hypocrite’ Duchess slammed for using royal titles she ‘doesn’t care about’ to promote herself


MEGHAN Markle has been slammed for repeatedly using royal titles she claims not to care about as a way of promoting herself.

She used her title the Duchess of Sussex in the title of her new children’s book – a move that has left some royal commentators “a little confused”.

Speaking on Us Weekly’s Royally Us podcast, host Molly Mulshine said: “The one thing I did find interesting was that Meghan used her title on the front cover. It says ‘by the Duchess of Sussex’. I was surprised by that.

“Just because she said in the interview that she doesn’t care about the pomp and pageantry… She said titles are not important to her“

Co-host Garibaldi agreed, adding “That was a little confusing. “Do you want to be a Duchess or do you not want to be a Duchess?

“”You’ve got to make up your mind,” she added.

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