Meghan Markle news – Duchess is a FAILURE desperately jumping on the latest woke bandwagons, royal author claims


MEGHAN Markle is desperately looking at ways to make herself relevant by jumping on woke bandwagons, a royal expert says.

Tina Brown, the author of a bombshell new book on the Royal Family, says she believes Harry is in a “stronger position” than wife Meghan thanks to his creation of the Invictus Games

Speaking to the Washington Post, The Palace Papers writer said: “Harry is in a much better spot because he brilliantly started this Invictus Games and that’s what his brand should be.

“He should just forget everything but the Invictus Games and just make that his brand.

“It’s authentic, he really was extremely as a shoulder, Veterans are in his bloodstream in terms of authentic caring about them and it’s wonderfully connective cause to be aligned to.

“Meghan doesn’t really have a brand. You feel that she is sort of grasping somewhat at whatever Twitter is caring about at the moment.

“It’s vaccinations, it’s Ukraine, it’s women’s rights, it’s my 40th birthday let’s have a mentoring scheme.

“Nothing is really going anywhere for Meghan,”

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