Meghan Markle news – Fans all saying same thing about ’embarrassed’ Prince Harry as Meg publicly wipes his face


HARRY & Meghan fans are saying the same thing after an “embarrassed” Prince Harry had his face wiped by Meghan in public.

A new clip shows the Duchess, who is wearing an enormous black sunhat, congratulating her husband’s team by kissing him on the cheek.

Footage shows Meghan giving each player a continental-style kiss on each cheek before planting a smooch on Harry’s lips as the prince leans in.

She was wearing red lipstick at the time and appeared to notice that some of it had transferred during the kiss.

But she gvave Harry’s lips a wipe with her fingers in an intimate moment watched by the crowd of spectators – leaving Harry looking agitated.

Royal biographer Angela Levin claimed the stunt was “embarrassing” for the Duke.

Ms Levin tweeted: “Why did M wipe Harry’s face when it’s prize giving time? How embarrassing for him.”

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