Meghan Markle news latest: ‘Boring’ Duchess ‘wouldn’t have become popular without Harry’ due to ‘lack of marketability’


Meghan Markle has been SLAMMED for her “lack of marketability” – as she “wouldn’t have become popular” without Prince Harry.

Speaking to royal writer Lee Cohen claims Meghan’s profile was boosted threefold when she married into the Royal Family.

He also chastised the pair for their treatment of the monarchy and publicly criticising The Firm to gain “notoriety”.

Mr Cohen said: “They’ve earned my scorn because they’ve treated Harry’s family very poorly in all of this. I don’t feel that it’s at all productive for them to be criticising the Royal Family.”

“They got what they wanted. They stepped back, they have the notoriety already.

“They certainly never would have obtained the level of publicity that she currently has if she hadn’t married into this family.”

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