Meghan Markle news – Netflix Pearl humiliation ‘leaves Meg with NOTHING’ as Sussexes face ‘complete disaster’


MEGHAN Markle has been left with “nothing” after Netflix chose to axe Pearl leaving the Sussexes facing “complete disaster”, an expert says.

Pearl – which followed the story of a 12-year-old girl exploring famous women in history – was set to be the streaming giant’s first animated series.

But the show, created by the Duchess of Sussex and in its development stage, was canned by Netflix last weekend due to a series of cutbacks at the streaming service.

And one critic says the “disaster” proves Meghan and Harry “are only good at moaning about the Royal Family“.

Commentator Rafe Heydel-Mankoo told GB News: “Well it’s a complete disaster for Harry and Meghan.

“As you know, Netflix is having big problems with a dip in subscriber numbers, falling revenues, plummeting share prices and having spent too much on other problems, and is cutting back – particularly on animated series.

“So while Harry’s Invictus documentary is carrying on, there is nothing for Meghan to show for it and it’s really calling into question whether they can walk the walk. They’re good at talking the talk.

“They signed up to Spotify but have only produced one podcast so far, the Netflix deal has been in place for over a year now and there’s very little to show for it.

“It looks as if, you know, apart from moaning about the royals there’s not much that they’re able to do.”

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