Meghan Markle news: Prince Harry in ‘difficult position’ but is ‘sure to return’ to UK despite police security row


Prince Harry ‘sure to return’ to UK THIS month despite police dispute with Home Office.

Two royal authors have claimed that The Duke of Sussex is set to return this month, despite the ongoing dispute with the Home Office.

Russell Myers, the Daily Mirror’s royal editor and Ian Vogler, the publication’s royal photographer, recently spoke about Harry’s potential return on an episode of Pod Save The Queen.

Of Harry, Mr Myers said: “He’s put himself into a difficult position to be honest because of the court case which is ongoing against the British Government, claiming that he can’t come back to the UK or bring his family because it’s too dangerous.

“The fact that he had his security stripped away from him by the Home Office is obviously an ongoing issue. 

“I think if it was something like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Thanksgiving Service, that probably does change it somewhat because, as the Home Office has said, he would be offered special protected persons category and they would give him the appropriate support and protection.”

Mr Vogler added: “We’re heading into the Invictus Games in April as well so I’m sure we’re going to see Harry, either at that service…

“He’s got to come for that [Prince Philip’s Memorial Service] surely.

“I think people looking to spot Harry, I think there’s going to be some sightings.” 

“I’m sure he’ll come for the memorial event.”

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