Meghan Markle news – Prince Harry is a total IDIOT who’ll do absolutely anything Meghan says, his father-in-law declares


MEGHAN Markle’s father has labelled Prince Harry an ‘idiot’ and said he agrees with Trump that the Duke is ‘whipped’.

In an interview with Dan Wootton on GB News, Thomas Markle, 77, blasted Prince Harry as an ‘idiot’ – as he also announced his intention to visit the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

Speaking from his home in Rosarito, Mexico, Mr Markle said: “I’m looking forward to it [flying over for the Jubilee]. I’m going to show my respect for the Queen and I’m going to make sure that the Queen understands that my entire family respects the Queen and the Royals.”

The unhappy Mr Markle also blasted his son-in-law for his reluctance to travel to London for the jubilee over security concerns. 

Mr Markle said: “I think it’s ridiculous. He knows how much security you’re going to have. He’s totally safe in that situation. So I don’t understand the things he says and I have so little respect for that man. I think he’s an idiot.”

Later on in the interview, he also told Mr Wootton that he agreed with former US President Donald Trump‘s assessment that Harry was ‘whipped’ by Megan.  

Mr Markle said: “Well, that’s the only time I’ll ever agree with Donald Trump.”

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