Meghan Markle news: Prince Harry & Meg ‘should be STRIPPED of titles’ for ‘damaging’ Royals with shock interview claims


THE Duchess of Sussex put the Royal family on trial in her new shock interview with The Cut, resulting in a swirl of controversy.

Meghan Markle recently spoke as part of a tell-all interview with New York based The Cut, where she made shock claims that members of the British public had called her two children the “N-word”.

This bombshell interview left many baffled, when Meghan said she had taken the steps to “forgive” the Royal Family for her treatment as part of the Firm.

Her claims are yet to be substantiated, while many have criticised her for using her royal title to secure interviews and slam the Firm.

Writing in the Telegraph, Allison Pearson claimed Meghan’s “grievances grow ever bolder and more extravagant, floating free of any observable reality.”

She said: “Clearly, it’s time the Sussexes lost their royal titles whose privileges they enjoy without the accompanying responsibilities and restraints.”

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