Meghan Markle news – Prince William ‘terrified Harry will betray him and plaster private chats all over American TV’


PRINCE William is “worried” that private conversations with his brother will be “plastered over American TV”, a source has revealed. 

One source close to Prince William said: “There’s a lack of trust on both sides which makes moving forward very hard. 

“William is now worried that anything he says to his brother will be plastered over American TV.”

The princes have barely spoken to each other for more than a year after Harry and Meghan announced Megxit on their Sussex Royal Instagram page.

It comes as a royal expert claimed Meghan Markle knowingly misled the world when she hinted Archie wasn’t made a prince over “concerns” about his skin colour.

The Duchess of Sussex made the shocking claim during the bombshell interview she and Prince Harry took part in with Oprah Winfrey, plunging the Royal Family into their biggest crisis since the 1936 abdication.

But the claims have been widely criticised, with royal experts saying the rules had changed long before Meghan was part of the Royal Family and there’s no way the Duchess wouldn’t have been aware of that fact.

The update meant minor royals well down the line of succession like Archie and Princess Eugenie’s son August were never going to princes from birth.

Speaking on Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, correspondent Katie Nichol said the couple would have been well aware of the rules and branded their claims “misleading”.

“Meghan would have known [that this was for an established constitutional reason] and Harry would definitely have known,” she said.

“I think it was disingenuous to throw all this together and suggest that Archie wasn’t a Prince because of the colour of his skin. I think it was misleading,” she added.

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